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Dating. A Diary. A Web Series. Kiss & Tell has Never Been Funnier.

Welcome to My Dating Diary

Dating for Relationship, Fun, Company, Compatibility, Marriage?  Or is it all about Love?  Follow the funny stories of my dating diary post divorce as I narrate what we all do right or wrong in looking for love.

Party Girl Plus One is a web series with short  funny videos that chronicle funny dating and relationship stories focusing on what went right or wrong on the date.

Culture, religion, work, personality, hygiene, behavioral motivation, OCD, politics, insecurity, addiction, parents, social norms and on and on prove no one is exempt from their own dating bloopers including myself.

How did Party Girl Plus One Start?

Party Girl Plus One began in the Spring of 2006. May, to be exact.  I had to start dating again after the finalization of my divorce.  That wasn’t so bad, as I like to meet new people and share new experiences.

But as soon as one of my dates decided to stick his tongue down my throat before the appetizers arrived, I knew I needed to write these stories down. Before I knew it, I had quite a collection of stories,and a rude awakening that I had dated a lot of guys and had potentially a lot more to go.  These stories which were recorded in my dating diary have evolved into the episodes you watch on Party Girl Plus One the web series.

The stories are based on actual events, however, all names and likeness has been changed to protect the innocent. (The disclaimer).

Sit back and enjoy the the funny videos and stories; I’m sure you’ve been on a few of these dates yourself. You might even be one of these guys.

Posted by Party Girl On September - 14 - 2009

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