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Showgirl & The Clown

That could have been the title for episode 6 “The Big Squeeze”.  And now you can see how I couldn’t possibly pass up such a song. Lucky for you and me, I didn’t.

Jason Young

“Showgirl and The Clown” is track number 10 off  Jason Young’s solo recording Heartour off the album “Ate” which was released on January 11 and is currently available on iTunes and other digital retail outlets.  With influences like The Beatles, Bob Dylan, Bob Marley, U2, Phish, Peter Gabriel, The Killers, Bjork and Beck to name a few, Jason’s definitely got the chops to take his journey right along side these greats.

Not to mention FUN.  Take a look at his video for “Showgirl and The Clown”:

So who is behind this showgirl and clown?  Jason Young, drummer of Los Angeles rock band The Ruse.  Jason honed his recording skills producing the first two of his band’s albums and like many drummers, channeled his boundless energy into solo recordings under the name Heartour.  Young writes, produces, and performs all of the instruments on this and all Heartour recordings. But unlike 2006’s “Five” and 2003’s “Three”, “Ate” features less instrumental tracks and more vocals.

“While I enjoy all of my records I am especially excited about this new one because I feel like it’s the first time that I have really found my voice,” says Young. “Also my writing is more focused and less experimental than the past two records.”

As I mentioned before Jason draws influences as a solo artist from a variety of roots as mentioned above and alt-rock acts including Nada Surf, Wilco and My Morning Jacket. He also likes the idea of having complete control over a project from start to finish and has very simple goals. “As a music fan I can only hope that my music touches people the same way that so many other peoples music has touched me,” he says.

Here are some of Jason’s Discography:

The Ruse “Midnight In The City” 2008
The Ruse “Live At The Viper Room” 2007
Heartour “Five” 2006
The Ruse “Light In Motion” 2006
The Ruse “Invasion” 2005
After Bliss “Without You” 2003
Heartour “Three” 2003
Another Band “Turned On” 2002
Category 5 “Exit Botnation” 1998
Category 5 “It All Comes Back Again” 1997
Mock Turtle Soup “Sticky as a tree frog” 1996
Mock Turtle Soup “Seaography” 1995

Click here to purchase “Showgirl & The Clown” and other tunes off Jason’s albums including The Ruse and Heartour. For more information on Heartour visit  www.heartour.com.

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