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Heartour’s Day Job

So I did my write up on Jason Young and his solo work, Heartour.  To re-visit that post click here.

The Ruse

Wouldn’t you know, a few days later I get a package from Jason in the mail.  Heartour’s complete ablum “Ate” along with “Midnight in the City”, a collaborative album with his band The Ruse.  I know, I love this job.

First off, not only is Jason talented as a solo artist, but The Ruse is quite the band in and of itself.

Check out the first track which had me at ‘beautiful’, called “Beautiful is Gone”. Okay, I didn’t need a band to tell me beauty is going, going, gone…

Track 1 Beautiful Is Gone, The Ruse

So if you like what you heard, it’s no doubt you’ve probably heard them before.

No stranger to television, the band has had over a dozen tracks and a cameo role on MTV’s “The Hills;” they performed in an episode of HBO’s “Entourage;” and several songs from the band’s last album, Midnight in the City, are in current use on MTV’s new show, “The Buried Life.” JamLegend.com will make Love Sex Confusion songs available for fans to play – the Ruse is a JamLegend.com favorite with over 900,000 plays on the website.

The Ruse have been known to deliver songs that will crawl into your head and take hold of your heart. Love Sex Confusion, the band’s fourth studio album of new songs, brings a blend of guitar-laden tracks and commanding drum and bass lines that generate the feeling of a live performance.

“We wanted to make the songs on the album much more ‘danceable’ than we did on previous albums,” guitarist Jim Bilus says. “Overall, we wanted to make a rock and roll album that would really shine when we played it live. We tried to create a bigger and brighter sound that would be fun for our audience.”

Love Sex Confusion is equal parts of lead singer John Dauer’s powerful operatic vocals, guitarist Jim Bilus’ rocking garage-y guitar riffs, and the burly rhythms dispensed by drummer Jason Young and bassist Mark Stolze.

Armed with Love Sex Confusion, the Ruse will launch a national tour starting on April 1st in Chicago at the Elbow Room in conjunction with the March 23, 2010 street date. The album was produced by Jorge Vivo and the band in their hometown of Los Angeles. With Love Sex Confusion, the Ruse continues to combine honest lyrics with a selfless message, swinging from stripped down rock to moving, moody, and melodic ballads.

For all you new potential fans, check out their tour dates below, and if you want to join me at The Roxy in LA on May 14th, send me a shout out.


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