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Congratulations to Party Girl Plus One for being honored at LAWebFest’s 2011 Web Series Festival with Outstanding Directing in a Comedy Series.

But the BIGGER news of the night was being honored with an Official Selection to the Marseille WebFest 2011 to be held in Marseille, France October 14 – 16, 2011.

The Marseille WebFest is the first of it’s kind in Europe to honor and showcase web series from around the world. The sister web series festival to Michael Ajawke Jr.’s LAWebFest, which was held at the Stage 52 Theater in Los Angeles March 25 – 27, 2011, selected 9 web series to join them in France.

Among them was Party Girl Plus One, which just completed Season One with it’s 11th episode entitled “Booty Calls.”

Stay tuned for more information and the list of winners on this global journey that will wake the world up to Party Girl Plus One and the future of web series.

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Episode 11 “Booty Calls” touches on the subject of lying. Guys, girls, married, single – we’re all guilty of little social lubricants as we navigate this thing called love.

But are these lies harmless or are we doing a social disservice to the people we’re involved with?

From letting someone down easy to trying to impress someone, to full on cheating on your spouse, why do we lie?



Please share your thoughts and experiences with the readers below. And thank you for sharing your truths!

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Listen to Zak Ambrose’s One Hit Wonder.

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Music. When it grabs you and shakes your insides out, you know the artists has you hooked.  It’s like a really good boyfriend or girlfriend. Someone who gets you right away and can articulate exactly what you’re thinking or what you’ve gone through.

Meet Ambrose. Zak Ambrose has been making music since he was 17.  Born and raised in Los Altos, part of the Bay Area in the heart of the Greatful Dead haven where Berkley students of the 60’s turned to technology geniuses and fueled the innovation of Silicon Valley, Zak’s been in LA for the last 12 years infusing his soulful classic rock with his life experiences while surviving the LA lifestyle. But it hasn’t been too shabby as Ambrose has received airplay across the country tapping into the growing demand for soulful rock’n roll. After seven months of non-stop radio promotion by independent, renegade promotional veteran, Bill Hons of Carport Music, Ambrose reached #92 on the POP charts (Media Base) in March of 2010.  By sticking to a classic song writing approach reminiscent of the Eagles and Tom Petty, and using vintage Calfirornia tones, one thing you’ll notice about Ambrose music is it’s all about the lyrics.

“Most of my lyrics are from life experience.  All my songs come from truth; an honest and vulnerable place.  It’s the artist responsibility to take the risks normal people can’t take and assume roles the average person cant afford to assume. That’s when you get the purest artistic expression.” – Zak Ambrose

Check out the lyrics of “Golden” off his album “Promise Land”  which was featured on Party Girl Plus One’s EP 7 “Date 6 The World Is Mine” which you can hear by clicking Golden – Ambrose.

I see hope and I felt love.

I know we can make it.

Take a step into the light

There’s no time for faking.

Golden lives, Golden ways

Golden light to light the way

Golden as the diving sun,

Golden is for everyone.

The things in life that are free

You give into it all

Unlock your heart

Free your soul

Time just slips as you let go.

So Let it go

Let it slide

Leave your worries all behind

Far behind

So far behind

Leave it all behind.

Zak learned to play guitar with his late best friend James Richard Millette III. Playing lead guitar in high school bands, Zak honed his performance skills and how to entertain the crowd which ultimately landed him 2 record deals within the last 6 years.  Those deals lead Zak to produce, write and record over 100 songs including instrumentally driven orchestral pieces. Zak takes the philosophy of continuing to work and write solo as well as collaborating with as many talented artists that cross his path. He is also a big fan of getting out of the studio and onto the stage; any stage that will expose himself to  situations and audiences that can lead to artistic development.

“You never know when the magic strikes and new collaborations always lead to different writing approaches and artistic perspectives.  My advice is to always perform for special events or multi-media productions that have a built in audience that are hip to the art world an enjoy hearing new music. There’s strong ties between fashion / social networking, action sports and positive charitable events that can bring together the right influencers that stand behind the art that they are drawn to.” – Zak Ambrose

Zak was invited to perform at Manana in NYC for a Fashion Week after-party. Not a large venue, but a high-end mexican restaurant and lounge hip to trend setters and art fanatics in the City.  He took his flamenco guitar and did a three hour set performing with their house DJ.  This simple show paid off for Zak as he had the opportunity to meet some top industry executives that would set him on a path to working with EMI as a creative songwriter and producer.

Working with EMI over the last couple of months further exposed Zak to music outside his traditional genres as he found himself working with young up and coming POP, Urban and Hip Hop producers. One of his more successful collaborations was with young beat genius and producer J-Hawk (Jeremy Hawkins), who had already been honing his own craft as an RnB / Pop producer, songwriter and engineering genius for some time.  The collaboration mixed J-Hawk’s hip hop / dance beats with Zak’s chorus hooks and melodies from the word of stadium rock creating an electric sound and ripping urban rhythms. These tracks are currently being shopped through EMI to connect with those artists in need of such monster hits.

“Each collaboration brings new insight into the limitless possibilities that spark when pure creative energy comes together from two opposite writing approaches. I’m the only rocker in a building full off hip hop artists and cross over pop producers. It doesn’t bother me. I’m a big believer in finding the right team to work with and being open to experimenting with different influencers within their realms. It’s also critical to surround yourself with positive pure talent that keeps you excited and motivated. Every night’s like Christmas Eve when I’m working with a young, cutting edge, mad sonic scientist! Exploring humanity through music is what really gets me off!” – Zak Ambrose

Zak has seen the highs and lows of being both a signed and unsigned artist. He’s found the saving grace for keeping sane in a core team of one or two people that understand his talent and see him for what he has to offer the world. He’s also found that any writer, performer or creative needs seasoned professionals to stay on top of the bigger picture while pushing the artist to be better craftsman, performer and person.

“I’ve been so fortunate to have found Bill Hons (Carport Music). He is the best radio promotor and independent renegade in the business and someone that never wastes a breath on the BS we’re surrounded by daily in entertainment. Bill has changed my entire outlook as well as understanding of exactly what it takes to maximize artistic ability, respect your craft and God given talents, and to preserve these things with integrity and honesty. At the end of the day, the only thing an artist has is integrity and instinct.” – Zak Ambrose

It’s all about the exposure and getting people to hear the music.

“Travel, explore, put yourself in uncomfortable situations. Play big festivals where there is influence to be made. Play small venues solo.  Just get yourself out there. Don’t wait for anything, just be the artist that you were born to be if that is your calling.” – Zak Ambrose




Radio Promotions Bill Hons – Terrestrial Radio



2091/2 South Poinsettia Place

Los Angeles, CA 90036

Attorney Gerry Weiner

Probstein & Weiner

9696 Culver Blvd, Suite 205

Culver City, CA 90232

Booking Cosmo Ohms, President (Florida DBPR License #00703)



Hollywood, FL

Corporate Brian Blackwell

Sponsorship Brian@Blackwellartistgroup.com


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When looking for music, there’s always a song that jumps out at me. I’m not quite sure where it will fit, but I know it will.

I worked with Jason Young on EP 6 “Date 5: The Big Squeeze” whose song “Showgirl and the Clown” off his solo album “Ate” from “Heartour” as he calls himself colored the infamous couch scene.  Jason, who is also the drummer for the band The Ruse, sent me their album“Midnight In The City” and I was hooked. When the first track “Beautiful Is Gone” played, I knew I’d find a place for it.  Sure enough, EP 10 “Date 9: My Own Private Freakdom” features the whir wind of a song that grabs your attention from the very first note. Not to mention, the lyrics are so amazing and perfect for this episode and the date it depicts.

Check it these lyrics: Click Beautiful Is Gone to play the song.

“Our love has come so far but not at all.

I rememer the start you can’t recall.

By the time it was right you didn’t want to fall.

It it’s over say it’s over.

Blindly I let you destroy me.

Love is not so beautiful when your lungs are caving in.

And beautiful is gone.

Oh don’t lie to me when we both know baby beautiful is gone.

I pushed you so hard but not at all.

You closed your eyes.

I could see it all.

Run out the door see no more of you and what you do.

Blindly I let you destroy me.

Love is not so beautiful when your lungs are caving in.

And beautiful is gone.

Oh don’t lie to me when we both know baby beautiful is gone.

Beautiful is gone.

What’s in store now that you have shut the door?

Peek in through the open crack.

I can’t keep from crawling back for more.

Crawling back for more.

Say it’s over if it’s over.

Blindly I let you destroy me.

Love is not so beautiful when your lungs are caving in.

And beautiful is gone.

Oh don’t lie to me when we both know baby beautiful is gone.

Beautiful is gone.”

Music and Lyrics by The Ruse

Here’s some information about The Ruse below and be sure to check out their website with tour dates in New York and Virginia.

The Ruse have been known to deliver songs that will crawl into your head and take hold of your heart. Love Sex Confusion, the band’s fourth studio album of new songs, brings a blend of guitar-laden tracks and commanding drum and bass lines that generate the feeling of a live performance.

“We wanted to make the songs on the album much more ‘danceable’ than we did on previous albums,” guitarist Jim Bilus says. “Overall, we wanted to make a rock and roll album that would really shine when we played it live. We tried to create a bigger and brighter sound that would be fun for our audience.”

Love Sex Confusion is equal parts of lead singer John Dauer’s powerful operatic vocals, guitarist Jim Bilus’ rocking garage-y guitar riffs, and the burly rhythms dispensed by drummer Jason Young and bassist Mark Stolze. The album was produced by Jorge Vivo and the band in their hometown of Los Angeles. With Love Sex Confusion, the Ruse continues to combine honest lyrics with a selfless message, swinging from stripped down rock to moving, moody, and melodic ballads.

No stranger to television, the band has had over a dozen tracks and a cameo role on MTV’s “The Hills;” they performed in an episode of HBO’s “Entourage;” and several songs from the band’s last album, Midnight in the City, are in current use on MTV’s new show, “The Buried Life.” JamLegend.com will make Love Sex Confusion songs available for fans to play – the Ruse is a JamLegend.com favorite with over 900,000 plays on the website.

iTunes has featured the Ruse’s “Beautiful is Gone” as Single of the Week and the band has had the distinct pleasure of playing an opening show for U2 at the Rose Bowl in Los Angeles, CA.

Band Highlights:

*iTunes Single of the Week (June 2009) for “Beautiful is Gone”

*Reached number 21 on Billboard’s “Heatseekers” Chart (June 2009)

*Guest Star and performance on Season 3 of MTV’s “The Hills”

*MTV Video Music Award Nomination for Breakout Artist LA 2008

*6 Coast to coast US tours in 3 years

*12+ songs featured on MTV’s “The Hills”

*Numerous TV and movie placements

*Cameo on HBO’s “Entourage”

*Featured on ABC’s “20/20”

*Shows at Bowery Ballroom, Gramercy Theater, Mercury Lounge, and 9:30 Club in NYC/DC

*Shows at The El Rey, Troubadour, House of Blues, Roxy, Key Club, and Viper Room in LA


2010 “Love Sex Confusion” LP

2008 “Midnight In The City” LP

2007 “Live At The Viper Room” EP

2006 “Light In Motion” LP

2005 “Invasion” LP





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Jen Dawson’s Party Girl Plus One featured in Oct/Nov Issue of h Monthly!

Jen Dawson's Party Girl Plus One

The Party has Arrived!

Be sure to pick up the Oct/Nov Issue of h Monthly, a Hollywood based magazine, and see what Hollywood has to say about Party Girl Plus One.

Todd Williamson, Editor & Chief

Story by Christina Ochoa Lopez

Photo by Robert Todd Williamson

Makeup by Lusine for Is Clinical

Hair by Patricia Morales

Mini by Juicy Couture

Shoes by Alice & Olivia


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Party Girl Plus One - Jennifer Dawson