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Thank you and stay tuned for news from Marseille, France!

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Jen Dawson taking it International

With Party Girl Plus One being screened at the prestigious Cannes Film Festival in France this May, you can now listen to Party Girl Plus One’s trailer in EIGHT languages:

French, Spanish and coming soon – German, Korean, Portuguese, Japanese, Italian and Ruskie!

Visit Party Girl Plus One’s youtube site for both the dubbed and subtitled version of each language.

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Congratulations to Party Girl Plus One for being accepted for the second year in a row into the LAWebFest Web Series Festival 2011.

LAWEBFEST salutes the power of the Internet and the fact that it is the most influential visual medium since the invention of television.

The internet has forever changed the way we live. Programming designed for the Internet is poised to do the same thing.

Even though over 70% of all Americans are online, that doesn’t mean they are all hip to web shows. In fact, studies show that while more people than ever are tuning into “webvision,” most Americans are not. How we get people to realize that they have more options than broadcast tv and cable? By inviting them out for the day or night to a beautiful theater to watch multiple episodes of a web series on the big screen. Most web series creators have never seen their shows up on the big screen.

The result is three days of web series and workshops called the Los Angeles Web Series Festival– a first of it’s kind in LA, the United States and, quite possibly, the world.

“We don’t care if you’re studio-financed, an industry veteran who’s just experimenting, an independent producer, or a Regular Joe or Josephine who doesn’t work or live in Hollywood but made something you’re proud of— we welcome you to submit,” says LAWEBFEST Founder and Executive Director Michael Ajakwe, Jr. A former public relations copywriter and sportswriter.
Ajakwe has spent the last 20 years writing and producing for a myriad of showbiz news and variety shows, sitcoms and dramas like Entertainment Tonight, Talk Soup, Martin, Eve, Sister Sister, The Brothers Garcia, Soul Food, Steve Harvey’s Big Time and currently cabler TV One’s Love That Girl. He’s also a web series creator.

“The web series is the most exciting form of visual entertainment since television. It is truly a people’s medium and some people are making some really cool shows on the web. LAWEBFEST wants to showcase some of these gems and hear from the resourceful people who are making them and starring in them and programming them and trying to successfully adapt them into other mediums like film, tv and theater,” added the published playwright and award-winning filmmaker.

The inaugural 2010 LAWEBFEST drew 2500 web series fans to Stage 52 over three days. Fifty different web series were screened followed by Q & A sessions with each creative team. Special tributes honored TV and film star Robert Townsend’s Diary Of A Single Mom, NBC.com’s CTRL and Sony’s The Bannen Way. Several web series experts, studio and production company executives, independent producers, actors, and SAG and WGA reps participated in workshops and panel discussions. At the end of the fest, awards were bestowed on 28 shows spanning 22 different categories. But Ajakwe maintains LAWEBFEST is not about the awards.

“LAWEBFEST is about celebrating the magic and power of the web series. Most of the people who make web shows have never seen them projected on a big screen or watched them with a large audience,” the NAACP Award-winning playwright, theater producer and Emmy-winning TV producer stressed.

“They’ve never heard feedback from a live audience. A lot of the people who came last year had never even seen a web series. When they left the theater, they began following these shows at home, on their laptops and cell phones,” Ajakwe pointed out.

To submit your series or more information of LAWebFest, click here.  Facebook LAWebFest here!

Good luck to all the submissions!

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My FAVORITE part of doing Party Girl Plus One is connecting with all the people I meet on a daily basis.  And I’m not kidding.  Easily accomplished by sitting in my living room with the computer on my lap.

Clear across the Atlantic Ocean is where I met Justin Willis, an English Midlands based songwriter, musician and

Justin Willis

performer whose song “Time To Say Goodbye” off his second studio album “The Butterfly Zoo” (Revolver Records) opens up EP 8 Date 7: The Talented Mr. Somebody.  And a talented Mr. Somebody Justin is.

As 2010 would have it, we met on Twitter and took our appreciation for each other’s art to Myspace and finally to email.  Which says a lot about an artists who is connected to his fans.

Over the course of four months I learned Justin started his musical aspirations as the front man of indie trio Autumn Stone where the band achieved some success with headlining and supports at venues such as J.B’s, The Shed, The Little Civic along with the Varsity to name but a few.

The Butterfly Zoo

Performing radio sessions for BBC WM with Ben Turner and becoming Beacon Radios new band of the month,  the guys parted ways in 2005 to pursue their own individual paths.  Whilst writing and recording for local bands in his purpose built studio at his home, Justin started writing songs which were to later appear on his debut album “Silvermoon” these songs were given to Revolver Records who signed him to their label and in May 2008 they released his first album.

With his first single “Nothing Better“, which you can watch the video here , recorded and produced by Gavin Monaghan (The Editors, The Twangs) released in October 2009 and his second album “The Butterfly Zoo” released in March 2010.

Justin’s love of performing has led him to appear on radio up and down the country becoming a firm favorite on Beacon Radio with Andy Nash and through out the Midlands.  With his amazing band, Justin is now playing venues up and down the Midlands and headlining the Robin 2 in August and soon to be appearing on ITV’s Central news for the Midlands.”

With his melodic indie rock sound based on piano and guitars Justin’s live shows are enjoyed by everyone with a love of powerful, hard hitting songs and also those that love meaningful lyrics and intelligent ballads. Now if I only lived in England!

“Many times I have played a track or album I intend to review, and I need several hearings before I can form a rounded opinion, but this one grabbed me from the outset.  I have not been so moved by an original piece for a very long time and I knew immediately that I was experiencing something very special indeed.  It is a truly beautiful track.”

–Mel Flavell Ryans Gig Guide March 2010

For more information and songs visit: www.justinwillis.co.uk, myspace.com/justinwillismusic or facebook.com/jwillismusic.

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Eat. Drink. Blog. Nutrition, fitness, events,poledancing, nightlife, foodie!

Thanks to my web series, I am finding a world of Party Girls out there. And I’m not talking the train wrecks like Lindsay Lohan or Tara Reid, but the true Party Girls who can have a great time, handle their adult beverages and intelligently contribute to the world around them.  Girls I would gladly party with and share a conversation about life, love and the world about us; girls I would call friends.

As I fly across the globe via the world wide web, I’d like to introduce you to one of my new PG’s – Healthy Party Girl.

Health doesn’t have to be boring.

Melbourne, Australia has a Party Girl of it’s own, whose found a healthy way to get it all done. HealthyPartyGirl.com is a blog with great tips and reads on how to eat, drink, juggle work and a social life; and look good doing it.

Finishing up a Bachelor of Health Science majoring in Nutrition and Psychology, as well as a Graduate Certificate in Arts & Sciences with a Marketing/PR focus, not to mention two years of poledancing classes, this PG is smart, independent and exactly the type of girl you want in your crowd.  Find out what to order at restaurants, how to find great COFFEE (love it), tips for online dating, shopping, movie reviews and more.

Click here to read Healthy Party Girl’s blog. You can also follow her on Twitter and Facebook, as well as msn, Tumblr, Livejournal, MySpace and SuicideGirls.

Party on Melbourne!

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Figuring it out one date at a time.

What I’m learning is: there might be a science to dating, not to mention luck. Plus, a fair share of trial and error.  Obviously.  You watch mine all the time.  With that being said, I found a blog called The Date Experiment.  It’s brilliant.

In a world where social media sites are popping up like Starbucks in the 90’s and online dating is the new little black dress, it’s no wonder the rules have changed and the people are not quite what they seem.  Literally.  The best part about it is: We’re not alone!

Take Jazz Stanton, she’s 24 years old, college educated, independent, smart, funny, and…dun dun dun…SINGLE, but dating.  Her blog www.thedateexperiment.blogspot.com will cover her stories and those of other guest blog-daters willing to share. The Date Experiment covers issues such as Starter Chicks, Balancing Acts, Facebook Follies and Red Flags. And that’s just the start.

Dating can be a complicated guessing game. I’ve been burned, I’ve been liked, I’ve liked back, I’ve been blown off, I’ve…well, let’s not go there, but you get the point.  So has everyone else.  By all means share your dates and join in the world of give and take.  It’s the first step towards what dating is all about anyway, not to mention having fun, meeting new people and falling in love.  Why not make a few friends along the way.

For more about Jazz’s The Date Experiment, click here and don’t forget to follow her on Twitter.

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