Web Series PARTY GIRL PLUS ONE a New Dating Web Series

Dating. A Diary. A Web Series. Kiss & Tell has Never Been Funnier.


The winners are:

What is the Third Screen Film Festival?

Third Screen Film Festival brings Emerging Filmmakers to Hollywood Gatekeepers.  Now in its fourth year, our venerable online festival brings content creators the opportunity to have their work seen by key Hollywood executives and their peers. The competition invites digital submissions of fifteen minutes or less, and takes place in two semi-final rounds and one final round.  The Semi-final round winners will advance into the Final Round.

There are winners in each of 4 categories this year, as well as an Audience Choice Award.  The categories are Live Action Drama, Live Action Comedy, Animation, and Webisodes.  Films are judged by our panel of Judges and fans using a weighted average that favors the number of votes over the score.

Finalists will be evaluated by our esteemed Judges who will pick a winner in each category, except for the Audience Choice Award that will be chosen by our on-line community.

Our Judges include David Gale (MTV), Navid McIlhargey (New Regency), Paul Alan Smith (ICM), Casey Bloys (HBO),

Jimmy Kimmel

Robert Reisenberg (Full Circle Entertainment), and David Hudson (TNT).

Recent Third Screen winners have gone on to produce films & television series, get paid to produce videos for “Funny or Die”, & “Upright Citizen’s Brigade”, even write for “The Huffington Post”, & The Jimmy Kimmel Show – not to mention securing meetings and development deals with our Third Screen Judges and Community.

For here more information on the Third Screen Film Festival.

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LOS ANGELES – Are we ready for another next Sex and the City? Sex and the City 2 proves the market is still hungry to follow a women’s journey about life, love, friendship and sex. And we’ve been on this journey way before Sex and the City started in 1998. But can the creators of Sex and the City take it any further with Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda or have they exhausted these stories and are ready to pass the martini to someone new?

Doesn’t sound unreasonable by any stretch, as long as the execution meets the expectations. Sure Darren Star, Michael Patrick King and Candace Bushnell hit a home run with the fabulous four best friends, but whose to say it can’t happen again?

Take for instance a new underdog web series Party Girl Plus One [www.partygirlplusone.com] created by an unknown actress and writer Jennifer Dawson. The web series follows Jennifer, referred to as “Jen”, a 30 something divorcee whose abandoned her previous dating criteria and will date anyone and everyone until she finds her true Plus One. Chronicling each date in her dating diary, Jen uncovers a journey about life, love and self discovery.

The show takes off from a very simple premise. After a divorce and a stint in the rebound party lane, Jen has to start dating again. A series of strange and awkward outings prompt her to start keeping a diary. Party Girl Plus One is a look at that diary, as each episode is a self contained recount of the engagements. Through narration, each 4 minute episode chronicles the different social, cultural, religious and or economic (to name a few) obstacles Jen faces on her quest for true love, proving no one is exempt from their own dating neurosis including Jen herself.

For a web series, which often face the pressure of keeping the content between 4 to 6 minutes, the tone and comedy of the series is right on par with any HBO or cable comedy. The subject matter of dating, life and love is nothing new and yet in execution, this web series seems to have the raw hook and appeal that Sex and the City had when it first aired. The writing, performances and use of music are seamless and provide an excellent canvas to see this series played out as a half hour show including the dates of an ensemble cast. Not to mention the network style production value for a web series.

And the best part about Party Girl Plus One is that these dates really happened. The material is drawn from Dawson’s own personal dating diary and each episodes is a scripted reenactment of actual dating situations that she experienced (of course names and identities have been changed). Dealing with adult themes for mature audiences in a humorous tone while maintaining relatability to the audience seals the deal.

Sex and the City, do not worry. You’re stories about love, sex and relationships will continue to be told. Trust that Party Girl Plus One can handle the tall order.

Watch Party Girl Plus One at www.partygirlplusone.com or www.youtube.com/partygirlplusone.

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Tommy Teretta & Jen Dawson

Date 6: The World is Mine!

What does Jen do when she gets set up with a guy who wont cut the “Tony Montana” act? Watch and learn for yourself.

Episode #7, Date 6: “The World Is Mine” is coming real soon!  Based on the dating diary by Jennifer Dawson, guest starring Tommy Taretta and featuring music by The Maheekats, Evita Freaks, Ambrose and Kevin MacLeod.

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When it rains blood it pours blood.

Remember when all those Vampire movies and TV shows came out, followed by web series and YouTube videos. It’s as if they all came out at the same time. We couldn’t get enough True Blood, Twilight, New Moon, The Vampire Diaries, Kevin Pollack’s Vamped Out (web series) and don’t forget Joss Whedon‘s long running Buffy the Vampire Slayer with Sarah Michelle Gellar.

Seems like the subject of dating, love and relationships is headed in the same direction this year. I’d like to say Party Girl Plus One started the trend, but I have to admit I wasn’t the first.  How about the star studded cast including Ben Affleck, Jennifer Aniston, Jennifer Connelly and Scarlett Johansson in “He’s Just Not that into You” or  New Line Cinema’s “Valentine’s Day” directed by Garry Marshall including Jessica Alba and Bradley Cooper.

Mark Wahlberg

As bees swarm to honey, the networks are not far behind the studios with NBC rolling out THREE television shows in the same vein with Love Bites, Perfect Couples and Friends with Benefits.  Don’t forget ABC’s Romantically Challenged staring Alyssa Milano which has already hit the air, and most recently HBO to team up with Mark Wahlberg to develop a new dating show described as an “Entourage in Heals“.

So it is written in Blood, Party Girl Plus One is on to something.

So will this years “Vampire” take the shape of Dating, Love and Relationships? And do we have to give up all the blood?

First off, I’d like to think the subject of dating, love and relationships will be this years big bloody winner. But I don’t think the subject of dating is as trendy as vampire related stories and will ever loose it’s appeal. It’s all in the delivery of the show.

And as far the giving up all the blood and guts, well isn’t that what dating is about?  It definitely takes guts to date.  A lot less bloody, but nonetheless a bleeding heart is still a bleeding heart.

Keep your eyes open for Party Girl Plus One as the networks are looking for the next bloody thing to sink their teeth into.

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Party Girl Plus HBO

Here’s your chance to help take Party Girl Plus One from the web to TV.

NexTv is looking for web series that can be adapted into TV Shows. Calling all fans and friends to vote here for Party Girl Plus One in NexTv’s Web Series Competition. All you have to do is click here, scroll down and find Party Girl Plus One, and hit the CHECK mark. No sign up, sign in. Easy!

The Entertainment Industry has changed! Hollywood’s top decision-makers are scouring the web, looking for independent artists to generate tomorrow’s great content.

ALWAYS SUNNY IN PHILADELPHIA began as an $85 short film, HBO’S “In Treatment” was found on Israeli television, the documentary, COCAINE COWBOYS, is being remade by Bruckheimer with MARK WAHLBERG starring. PARANORMAL ACTIVITY began as an $11,000 indie film and has grossed over $180 Million to date…

All because the right people  saw their work!

Jason Alexander of Seinfeld

But finding filmmakers hidden in the vast sea of internet content has become the real challenge. NexTv has created this competition to bring Industry Leaders from around Hollywood to view work such as Party Girl Plus One.

Finalists’ work will be chosen for their originality, execution and most of all the, potential for becoming successful television content. HELLO!! Ask and you shall receive Party Girl Plus One as the HBO, Showtime, F/X or other cable show you and I have always envisioned it.

Check out the incredible panel of JUDGES to see the exposure and excitement there is about this competition in the industry.

Help make Party Girl Plus One that web series success story that happens to people you know, not just something you’ve read about.  You’ve seen the hard work, you know it can happen.  That’s what we live for, isn’t it.

Thank you for believing in me!

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Miami is  a State of Mind

That been my thought process over the last two weeks:  Week 1: Shooting Episode 7 titled “The World Is Mine” (stay tuned for it’s post in about 2 weeks).  Week 2: Visit from the 305 area code with my sister Dawn and good friend Leah, bringing Miami old school to my new stomping grounds here in LA.

Here’s how it went down.

Tommy Teretta & Jen Dawson

Episode 7 “The World is Mine” wouldn’t be possible without Miami’s most notorious character “Anthony Monstanza” (aka an interpretation of Scarface’s Tony Montana made famous by Al Pacino) played by Tommy Taretta.  I originally spoke to my friend Steven Bauer, who played the character of Manny Ribera in the original Scarface, about playing the role of “Anthony”. After watching Episode 6 “The Big Squeeze”, Steven’s comment was, “When are we doing our thing?”  That was my question when we were trying to finalize the details.  Needless to say, Steven didn’t end up playing “Anthony” and all I can say is “everything happens for a reason.”

My amazing sound guru, Clay Turnage, and I were going over the script the Tuesday before shooting.  After reading it he asked why his friend Tommy wasn’t doing the role.  Since I didn’t know Tommy, that was a mere impossibility; but not for long.  Meeting Tommy that night, it was evident who was suppose to play “Anthony” all along. I won’t blow the story, but let me just say, you will not be disappointed.  Thank you Tommy for bringing your game to the party on such short notice, meng.

Leah & Dawn

Now the the 305 Shenanigans.  Virgins to LA, my sister Dawn and Leah were ready for the sites.  Dawn arrived on Wendsday night.  First stop, Velvet Margarita’s Annual Cinco de Mayo Celebrity Charity Poker Tournament and Celebration courtesy of my friend Rob Tencer.  I had to break Dawn into the LA life somehow.  Next morning, Lowes in Santa Monica for a quick peek into Digital Hollywood, then off to meet Jason Pauley, Party Girl Plus One’s editor at large, for a bike ride on the Venice boardwalk, drinks and pictures.

Thursday night, Leah arrived.  I had to leave these two to their own devices Friday morning, where I picked them up on Sunset Boulevard at Borracho’s (of course they would find this place), happily enjoying happy hour at 3pm. If you can believe it, they were still up for a quick 5:30pm normal person’s happy hour followed by a Tubefilter web series Screening at the Egyptian Theater.  Pizza on the Boulevard.

Jen & Dawn, Party Sisters

Saturday was all around town with a local’s fish stop in Malibu followed by a drive through Santa Monica and Westwood on the way to LACMA’s Renoir Exhibit. More drinks at The Grove and then a little R&R at the crib.  Peeling ourselves, okay, myself off the couch for a last night in LA (these girls wore me out!), we hit Bar Marmont as Zoe, Velma and Shine. We managed to get one pic in on Sunset Boulevard.  Guess who was who.

Thanks girls for visiting me.  It was a well needed home away from home and I love you both very much!


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Party Girl Plus One - Jennifer Dawson