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Miami is  a State of Mind

That been my thought process over the last two weeks:  Week 1: Shooting Episode 7 titled “The World Is Mine” (stay tuned for it’s post in about 2 weeks).  Week 2: Visit from the 305 area code with my sister Dawn and good friend Leah, bringing Miami old school to my new stomping grounds here in LA.

Here’s how it went down.

Tommy Teretta & Jen Dawson

Episode 7 “The World is Mine” wouldn’t be possible without Miami’s most notorious character “Anthony Monstanza” (aka an interpretation of Scarface’s Tony Montana made famous by Al Pacino) played by Tommy Taretta.  I originally spoke to my friend Steven Bauer, who played the character of Manny Ribera in the original Scarface, about playing the role of “Anthony”. After watching Episode 6 “The Big Squeeze”, Steven’s comment was, “When are we doing our thing?”  That was my question when we were trying to finalize the details.  Needless to say, Steven didn’t end up playing “Anthony” and all I can say is “everything happens for a reason.”

My amazing sound guru, Clay Turnage, and I were going over the script the Tuesday before shooting.  After reading it he asked why his friend Tommy wasn’t doing the role.  Since I didn’t know Tommy, that was a mere impossibility; but not for long.  Meeting Tommy that night, it was evident who was suppose to play “Anthony” all along. I won’t blow the story, but let me just say, you will not be disappointed.  Thank you Tommy for bringing your game to the party on such short notice, meng.

Leah & Dawn

Now the the 305 Shenanigans.  Virgins to LA, my sister Dawn and Leah were ready for the sites.  Dawn arrived on Wendsday night.  First stop, Velvet Margarita’s Annual Cinco de Mayo Celebrity Charity Poker Tournament and Celebration courtesy of my friend Rob Tencer.  I had to break Dawn into the LA life somehow.  Next morning, Lowes in Santa Monica for a quick peek into Digital Hollywood, then off to meet Jason Pauley, Party Girl Plus One’s editor at large, for a bike ride on the Venice boardwalk, drinks and pictures.

Thursday night, Leah arrived.  I had to leave these two to their own devices Friday morning, where I picked them up on Sunset Boulevard at Borracho’s (of course they would find this place), happily enjoying happy hour at 3pm. If you can believe it, they were still up for a quick 5:30pm normal person’s happy hour followed by a Tubefilter web series Screening at the Egyptian Theater.  Pizza on the Boulevard.

Jen & Dawn, Party Sisters

Saturday was all around town with a local’s fish stop in Malibu followed by a drive through Santa Monica and Westwood on the way to LACMA’s Renoir Exhibit. More drinks at The Grove and then a little R&R at the crib.  Peeling ourselves, okay, myself off the couch for a last night in LA (these girls wore me out!), we hit Bar Marmont as Zoe, Velma and Shine. We managed to get one pic in on Sunset Boulevard.  Guess who was who.

Thanks girls for visiting me.  It was a well needed home away from home and I love you both very much!


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