Web Series PARTY GIRL PLUS ONE a New Dating Web Series

Dating. A Diary. A Web Series. Kiss & Tell has Never Been Funnier.

Party Girl Plus HBO

Here’s your chance to help take Party Girl Plus One from the web to TV.

NexTv is looking for web series that can be adapted into TV Shows. Calling all fans and friends to vote here for Party Girl Plus One in NexTv’s Web Series Competition. All you have to do is click here, scroll down and find Party Girl Plus One, and hit the CHECK mark. No sign up, sign in. Easy!

The Entertainment Industry has changed! Hollywood’s top decision-makers are scouring the web, looking for independent artists to generate tomorrow’s great content.

ALWAYS SUNNY IN PHILADELPHIA began as an $85 short film, HBO’S “In Treatment” was found on Israeli television, the documentary, COCAINE COWBOYS, is being remade by Bruckheimer with MARK WAHLBERG starring. PARANORMAL ACTIVITY began as an $11,000 indie film and has grossed over $180 Million to date…

All because the right people  saw their work!

Jason Alexander of Seinfeld

But finding filmmakers hidden in the vast sea of internet content has become the real challenge. NexTv has created this competition to bring Industry Leaders from around Hollywood to view work such as Party Girl Plus One.

Finalists’ work will be chosen for their originality, execution and most of all the, potential for becoming successful television content. HELLO!! Ask and you shall receive Party Girl Plus One as the HBO, Showtime, F/X or other cable show you and I have always envisioned it.

Check out the incredible panel of JUDGES to see the exposure and excitement there is about this competition in the industry.

Help make Party Girl Plus One that web series success story that happens to people you know, not just something you’ve read about.  You’ve seen the hard work, you know it can happen.  That’s what we live for, isn’t it.

Thank you for believing in me!

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