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Dating is like the blind leading the blind. Who knows what they are doing?

Fortunately, I’m not alone in this quest called love apparent by the dating stories of my good friends, neighbors and one-night-stand turned friendship (trust me, anything is possible). Soon I’ll chronicle their dating faux pas, not just to feel better about myself, but to prove that no one is exempt from kissing a few frogs.

Jen, The Party Girl A fun, outgoing, quirky divorcee, Jen is an equal opportunity dater who will to try anything once.  This philosophy comes from being divorced for 2.5 years after a failed 10 year relationships and a nice run in the rebound party lane.  Jen’s engaging spirit attracts suitors on the street, grocery store and even her front window, and her decision to relocate 3,000 miles away from home the day after her divorce was finalized opened the door to a whole new world; she immediately found work as a freelance bookkeeper (with potential plus one’s from different social, economic and educational backgrounds-and they have jobs!), three very unique friends Kelly, Heidi and Dominick and one hot booty-call Vic.

Jen’s at the age where sex isn’t a bad word and kissing is like holding hands, but is conscious that her “number” can get up there the more she dates, and dating in the past and dating for “real” now leads to questions she shares with her friends like: after how many dates do you sleep with a “Plus One”? or are people still following the 3 day call rule? Her reference to the “L” word as a “Plus One” is an indication that she may not know what she’s looking for, however she’s willing to go the mile and stick things out to the very breaking point.  Trying to understand people keeps her going and her determined nature fuels her journey, as she chronicles her experiences and that of her friends in her dating diary.

Vic, The One Night Stand turned Friendship An engaging guys guy, Vic’s the male version of Jen. Clean and sober for 2 years, Vic recently received sole custody of his 12 year old son, Sam.  Trying to fix his past and be a present role model to a boy that is fast learning about girl’s boobies, along with trying to learn about girls himself, is a challenge.  As a dad and pharmaceutical rep with a dwindling expense account, Vic’s new vice is being a provider, working out and protecting his heart. He plays by the rules of the game, doesn’t like curve balls, and is slowly realizing that dating is a necessary means to an end. His smooth moves and charm land him dates with the ladies, but now he’s got more than just himself to think about.  As Sam’s role model, being on his best behavior and ensuring Sam doesn’t grow up like his old man hightens Vic’s quest to find “the one”.

Jen and Vic share a lot more in common than just a one night stand and booty calls, and their sexual relationship and friendship leave the audience to wonder why these two aren’t together.

Sam, The Young Buck Sam is one year away from being a teenager and full of opinions. His decision to live with his dad, Vic, was against the will of Sam’s mother Elizabeth, Vic’s high school ‘ex’-sweetheart.  Exploring a big city, meeting new friends, and adjusting to Vic’s rules is an ongoing process, not to mention puberty and his interest in those newly formed creatures called “girls”.  Sam’s boyish charm teaches his old man a few lessons on romance and explores young, innocent puppy love amidst the blunders of bad habits, failed relationships and broken hearts.
Kelly, The Academic Be-Fri An academic into marches and social services, Kelly’s opinions and voice about men, the world and socialized health care influence who and how she dates.  She doesn’t believe in the institution of marriage or letting the government control her marital status, which may be the reason for her affinity with foreign men. As a research assistant and assistant professor, her world revolves around facts and seeking the truth, causing her to operate out of protection mode a majority of the time.  Her long time friendship with Heidi, whom she’s known since grade school, has been a test to her theories but she’s learned to accept their differences, despite her opinionated suggestions.  Kelly’s level headed thinking serves to aid Jen’s decision making, even as she’s figuring things out herself.
Cali, The Workout St-Ends Working out is a lifestyle, especially for a personal trainer who owns her own gym.  Cali’s into hot young bods, vodka drinks and night clubs, and has come to the conclusion that she doesn’t need love, but would love for someone to pay her bills.  A bit of a “princess”, her self esteem is summed up in her regimented work out and high libido which causes her to want all the “Ken’s” when she’s not necessarily a “Barbie”.  Native to LA, Cali is Jen’s wingman when it comes to partying and taking off the edge, and she always knows where to get the good stuff.
Lori, The Therapist Uncovering social patterns is the job of a professional. Offering hard facts and sound advice to Jen is what our Love Coach/Therapist does, although she’s been in a 10 year relationship with no ring on her finger. An obsessive compulsive Scorpio, Lori can’t help but bring all conversations back to herself and overstock on items she may need for the future consumption.  Lori’s definitely got opinions, but nothing a weekly pow-wow with her own therapist can’t fix.
Chip, Dating in Layman’s terms Chip Johnson is street smart and works in technology, except he doesn’t have an office or a car for that matter. A self proclaimed (and converted) player in his day, he’s got it “all figured out” and offers insight into the male perspective on Jen’s dating episodes as well as guides her through mixed-messages and mind games out of her league.

The Dates Think of any and every possible date you’ve been on. Then ask your friends. Then ask their friends.

Posted by Party Girl On March - 8 - 2011

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