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EP 11 Date 10 “Booty Calls”
Kevin MacLeod

“Welcome to the Show”, “Militaire Electronic”

“Future Cha Cha Cha”, “Beach Bum”

Courtesy of Kevin MacLeod

Michael Benz & Tristan Starchild
“Party Lyfe”

Courtesy of Michael Benz & Tristan Starchild


“One Hit Wonder”

Courtesy of Ambrose

EP 10 Date 9 “My Own Private Freakdom”
The Ruse

“Beautiful is Gone”

Courtesy of The Ruse

Armed with the new album Midnight in the City, THE RUSE is taking the Los Angeles rock scene to new heights. Improving upon and expanding on the two distinct sounds of their first two albums, these boys have truly delivered their strongest record to date. From the punky new wave opener, Beautiful is Gone, to the classic rock swagger of the title track, Midnight in the City, THE RUSE takes their listeners out for a night on the town and doesn’t bring them home until the sun comes up.

Kevin MacLeod

“Stringed Disco”, “BlockMan”

“Some Amount of Evil”, “Showdown”

Courtesy of Kevin MacLeod

Pictures of Then

“When It Stings”

Courtesy of Pictures of Then

This is Picture of Then’s sophomore single with Party Girl Plus One.  Pictures of Then can also be heard in EP 8 Date 7 “The Talented Mr. Somebody”.

EP 9 Date 8 “Three’s Company”

Roz Cappello


Courtesy of Roz Cappello

Roz is a personal friend I’ve know forever.  It was a complete joy to find an episode to feature his work.

Riding On Zebras is the brain child of composer, instrumentalist and home studio recording enthusiast of Roz Cappello. These original compositions are looking for not only an ever increasing fan base, but placement in Movie Soundtracks, Commercials, TV series and even Video games. I have well over 70 original songs that fit any genre.

Kevin MacLeod

“Vegas Glitz”, “Sweeter Vermouth”

“Monster Promenade”, “Toccata & Fugue in D Minor”

Courtesy of Kevin MacLeod

Red Eye


Courtesy of WBM Music

My mission is to initiate thought and provoke feelings that ignite the human potential via the mediums of spoken word, hip-hop and poetry. I hope to formulate an eclectic audience that will discuss the issues, event and experiences expressed through my written work and the performance of that material. I also desire to shed light on other artists with great talents and ideals, and to inspire young artists to fully express themselves through every genre of entertainment.

EP 8 Date 7 “The Talented Mr. Somebody

Justin Willis

“Time To Say Goodbye”

Courtesy of Justin Willis

Justin started his musical aspirations as the front man of indie trio Autumn Stone where the band achieved some success with headlining and supports at venues such as J.B’s, The Shed, The Little Civic along with the Varsity to name but a few. To read more about Justin Willis click here.

Pictures of Then

“Big Sell”

Courtesy of Pictures of Then

Hailing from Minneapolis, MN, their spirited blend of folk/pop/rock continues to make waves on the national scene, earning them performances at major festivals and critical acclaim nationwide. To read more about Pictures of Then click here.

Kevin MacLeod

“Kool Kats””Robo-Western”

Courtesy of Kevin MacLeod

EP 7 Date 6 “The World is Mine”

The Maheekats

“Just Passing Through”

Courtesy of  The Maheekats

Recorded over a two-year period and across three changes of residence,“God Has A Cadillac Too”, in which the track “Just Passing Through”opens PG+1’s Episode 7, is a self-produced full length CD. It is consistent, strong, spirited, surprising, enlightening and an all-round joy for the soul. Casey played most of the instruments including drums, bass, rhythm and lead guitar, keyboards and vocals. Clarabell played rhythm guitar and sings on the album. To read more about The Maheekats click here.

Kevin MacLeod

“Peppy Pepe”

Courtesy of Kevin MacLeod

Evita & Glenn Plumlee as kids

Evita Freaks

“Cara De Angelito”

Courtesy of Evita Freaks

Alternative rock band and a family affair made up of Oakland natives Evita on lead vocals and her brother Glenn Plumlee on electric and acoustic guitars. Evita and Glenn share their Latin roots now in downtown Hollywood and have been performing together since they were little tykes including over 185 shows in the bands 6 year existence. Completing the band is Jajuba on bass and Steve on drums and percussion. Evita Freaks have also had the pleasure to work with Todd Nichols of “Toad The Wet Sproket” and world class session drummerWalfredo Reyes Jr. To read more about Evita Freaks click here.



Courtesy of  Ambrose

Pop and rock at it’s best with Zak Ambrose in lead vocals. You don’t want to miss this up and coming rock star!

EP 6 DATE  5 “The Big Squeeze”


“It’s Going To Be A Late Night (IAMGUS RMX)”

Courtesy of Svelt St. & IAMGUS

Svelt St. features married couple emcee Bang! Cheeto and vocalist Feelmore. Dubbed as “Sexy, Carnivorous, and Bizarre”, Svelt St. delivers a hybrid of Trip-Hop, Dub, Hip Hop & Electro. Carving out a reputation for unpredictability, the duo hits hard with anthemic grit at one moment and woos with lilting intimacy the next – all the while maintaining their signature mischievous attitude that keeps the brain thinking while the heads nod. Fate-willed, both members bring a unique style to the distinctive nature that has become the heart of the group.  Svelt St. is the combustible product of organic happenstance, a byproduct of an organic relationship in the utmost definition of the word.


“Dance to the Sound”

Courtesy of

Tattooed Millionaires &

Sex Sells Records Hollywood


“Fast Talkin” & “Rhythm 2005”

Courtesy of

Kevin MacLeod &



“Showgirl & The Clown”

Courtesy of Heartour Records

EP 5 DATE 4 “Wonder Women”


“Cold Lonely Train”

Courtesy of Four Minutes Til Midnight

FMTM is a funk, rock and Jam band creating a unique and exotic sound from the musical strength of the 2 American and 2 Japanese members in the band.Because of that they mixed different culture and music background, so a great chemistry happened.


“What Do You Know?” (Pinker Tones Pink Knowledge Mix)

Courtesy of The Gentle People & Irecords

The Gentle People’s unique “Glamour Pop” sound has been described as “Abba on Acid,” meshing dreamy vocals and strings with quirky electro and poptronica beats. Their own brand of the techno bubblegum has became the pick of many hip sophisticates around the globe.


“Kiss The Sky”

Courtesy of Fairfax

Fairfax is a Santa Monica based indie band. Formed in 2007 by front woman Heavynn Gates and guitarist Blake English, and then joined by Buffalo NY, Native Dave Rundell AKA Rundell. Fairfax will be releasing their sophomore album this summer.


“Slam That Door”

Courtesy of Soulatronix

“Bringing soul back to the house”

EP 4 DATE 3 “The Vagina Flyer”


Courtesy of Bullets for Breakfast


“All My Cookies”

Courtesy of Marquee69




THREE is the new “crossover” of Rap as he infuses Hip-hop with the soul of R&B and the energy of Rock, Dance & Techno to create a “Rap-Fusion”, keeping him current and connected to new fans not bound by genre. Three is part of today’s newest, most cutting edge artists and for THREE, the Galaxy is the limit for the rest has yet to be written. Twitter @threesplease

EP 3 DATE 2 “EXtreme Measures”

“Care for Some Whiskey?”

Courtesy of Leerone


“Suck On This”

Courtesy of Jen Bloom


“You’re Gonna Break My Heart Someday”

Courtesy of The Idyllists


“Party Lyfe”

Courtesy of The Martianz

EP 2 DATE 1 “Sir Smells A Lot”


Courtesy of August


“Slam That Door”

Courtesy of Soulatronix

“Bringing soul back to the house”


“Truth or Dare”

Courtesy of Dave Waterbury Productions


“Ahh Yes”

Courtesy of Scott Aaronson

Scott Aaronson is an ASCAP published recording artist. His music is a cross between Pop/Rock/Alternative & Folk and his lyrics are what set him apart from the rest. Aside from music he can be seen in film and on TV as an actor in many comedic roles. Download Scott Aaronson’s music here.

EP 1 “Party Girl”

“Party Lyfe”

Courtesy of The Martianz



Courtesy of K.I.C. Entertainment LLC ASCAP


“Little by Little”

Courtesy of August


Courtesy of Blorpcorp

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