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Jen at original Starbucks

When in Rome

I’m in Seattle for a few days, and within minutes I had a cup of coffee in my hand. When in Rome right.

And I have to admit, these Seattler’s really know their coffee; Starbucks, Seattle’s Best, Tully’s not to mention all the mom and pop shops around town.

With that being said, I couldn’t help but think how Starbucks has managed to rise above the rest in it’s international appeal.  Not that Starbucks isn’t good coffee, but it certainly is not Seattle’s best.

I asked a few locals what they thought on the topic and they all had pretty much the same response [and it had very little to do with the coffee.] Marketing, Marketing, Marketing!

First Starbucks Seattle 1971

Which brings me full circle to why I’m writing about this.

It got me thinking about Party Girl Plus One and all the web series that sell their “cup of joe” to the viewing audiences.  What has made the Starbucks of web series rise above the rest?  And what is it going to take for Party Girl Plus One to find it’s own international appeal?   Well, I didn’t have to go all the way to Seattle for the answer.   Marketing, Marketing, Marketing.  [And to think I studied this stuff in college].

SO HERE HERE to my fellow Party Girl Plus One viewers, friends, family and fans.  I NEED YOUR HELP!  I am doing my part TRUST ME!  And now I call out to you from the roof top of my apartment slash set:  If you like, love or enjoy Party Girl Plus One, please share it with your Friends, Family, Co-workers, FB’er, Twitterers!  Subscribe on YouTube, Tweet, RT, share, share, share!  This is the time!  6 episodes in, number 7 on the way and 5 more to complete season 1.  And on the way to being the Starbucks of web series, Web Series’ Best and on everyone’s screen around the world.

THANK YOU!! for you love, support and help.  I do this all for you and couldn’t do it without you.


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Party Girl Plus One Night Stand from partygirlplusone on Vimeo.

Out with a couple hundred of her ‘closest’ friends one night, Jen began to see things clearly.  After the romp of her life including a shameless ride in her front window, Jen knew she needed something more.

Based on the diary by Jennifer Dawson, Guest Star Vince Pavia, Director of Photography Daniel Doherty, Edited by Jennifer Dawson and Daniel Doherty and featuring music by The Martianz, King Nation, Blorpcorp and August.

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Party Girl Plus One Sounds

What does Party Girl Plus One sound like?  Take a peak into the Party LYFE, music by The Martianz, featured in Episode 1.

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Party Girl Plus One - Jennifer Dawson