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With this summer’s Steve Carell and Tina Fey’s “Date Night”, Jennifer Lopez’ “The Back-up Plan” and Alyssa Milano’s TV pilot “Romantically Challenged”, dating is a big topic.  Not that I need to tell you this.  Party Girl Plus One is all about dating.  So what makes Party Girl Plus One different from these star studded movies and TV shows?

Well, before I get to that, let me share what LATime’s Patrick Goldstein had to say about “Date Night” which I think is relevant to the topic.

“Why did “Date Night’s” Tina Fey and Steve Carell go from great TV to a bad movie?” according to the LATimes article?  “At some point over the past decade, nearly every wing of television, from the HBO and Showtime pay channels to basic cable outlets like TNT and USA all the way to the Big Four networks, has generated a host of memorable comedies and dramas. Theories abound for why the renaissance happened in the 2000s. For me, the most persuasive explanation is HBO envy. After all, after raising the bar so high with “The Sopranos,” “Sex and the City” and “Curb Your Enthusiasm,” it was HBO that was rewarded with a hugely loyal audience.”

“At first, some network chiefs bitterly complained that HBO was stealing viewers simply by offering them nudity and violence. But when cooler heads prevailed, the channel’s rivals realized that giving their show runners the same creative autonomy as the creators of HBO’s shows could translate into better ratings and a whole lot of media heat.”

Shifting from movies to TV or TV to movies in Carell and Fey’s case, Goldstein is on to something.

Craig Bierko

When I first started thinking about doing a series covering my dating diary, I paid a visit to the Paley Center for Media in Beverly Hills.  I wanted to know what attempts had been made on the topic of dating, the stars attached, networks associated and ultimately their demise.

What I found was a whole lot of network (ABC, CBS, NBC and FOX) attempts on the subject of dating:  NBC – 2003 Alicia Silverstone and “Miss Matched”, CBS – 2006 Tom Cavanaugh and “Love Monkey”, FOX – 2008 Craig Bierko and “Rules for Starting Over”, not to mention ABC’s “Cupid”, the first attempt in 1998 with Jeremy Piven and second attempt in 2009 with Bobby Cannavale.  And yet ABC is making a third attempt on the topic with “Romantically Challenged” which follows a 30-something man who is torn in between his needy best friend and new girlfriend.

Here’s the thing.  I think ABC’s biggest challenge in trying to pull off another dating TV series is ABC itself.  In that I mean, what it takes to tell the full uncensored, down and dirty stories on dating and intimacy cannot be done on network TV.  We learned that by watching the success of HBO’s “Sex and the City” and Showtimes “The L Word”.  You have to show the real life juices, smells and train wrecks of dating; not the fabricated witty banter that has only lived in the writers room.  Sure the audience might laugh like the first time they hear a blonde joke, but it’s easily forgotten because it wasn’t relatable.

Juices, juices, intimate juices flowing through the characters, the series and the ratings.  Which brings me full circle to what Goldstein hit upon in his article and why Party Girl Plus One is different than any of the other current series covering the topic of  dating. When writers are given the freedom to write their series from their experiences, point of view and research and eliminate the censorship of a general audience network, what you get is true reality. True hits and a fully exposed comfort level that tells the audience, “You’re not alone.” And isn’t that what dating is all about anyways?  Not being alone.

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Tattooed Millionaires

Bring on the Millionaires!

How do I pick the soundtrack of Party Girl Plus One? It takes a lot of sampling of music, however when I hear something that immediately grabs my attention, I bookmark it in my computer.  I know I’ll be back to grab it.

That’s the story with Johnny Jetson’s Tattooed Millionaires.  Johnny sent over a request to check out his music.  And I did just that.  I check out anyone who sends their work over to me; it’s an artist courtesy.  But there was definitely something about the Tattooed Millionaires that I liked.  I don’t know if it was the word Millionaires or the rock star commitment these guys drip in their pics.  But they look like a blast to hang out with, not to mention their rock solid music, and I mean that literally and figuratively.

With influences like New York Dolls, MC5, Motörhead, The Ramones, David Bowie, Black Sabbath, The Sonics, The Pretty Things, The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, The Rolling Stones and The Who among other great bands, the final sound is Ziggy Stardust meets The Ramones on Forbidden Planet.

Founded by Johnny Jetson in August 2004, the 2009-2010 lineup includes Johnny Jetson, vocals &

Johnny Jetson

guitar; Micheal Jennings, bass and Derek Warwick, drums.  A member of (ASCAP) since 1997 Johnny Jetson has written and recorded with such notable artists as Snoop Dogg, Tommy Lee (Motley Crue), Chris Verrna (Nine Inch Nails), Chris Holmes (WASP) and the Space Age Playboys.  Not too shabby.

The Tattooed Millionaires have been featured on LA’s Indie 103.1 “Check One…Two” show as well as 101.9 KFGO (The Box) “Rock and a Hard Place” show spanning the Upper Midwest area. They have been interviewed live on The Fox 99.3 in Vancouver, B.C. and Total Rock Radio in London, U.K. Their songs receive get airplay on radio stations all around the world.

In addition to successfully completing 4 tours thus far: West Coast of North America Feb. March 2006 Europe in June/July 2006 Europe in November/Dec. 2006 U.S. National Tour Summer 2007 (30 States) U.S. National Tour Summer 2009 (22 States), they have also played such notable Los Angeles venues as The Troubadour, The Key Club, The Dragonfly, The Cat Club, The Spider Club, The Whisky & The Viper Room.

Nominated for 2 AVN awards for best movie soundtrack 2005 and 2007 Metal Awards Demo of the Year, Maximum Metal Magazine CPI Digital has named Tattooed Millionaires, the number one requested band by their clients.

Tattooed Millionaires’ music appears on the following soundtracks: Redwire Pictures, “The Circle “Little Athens”, “The Bunker”, “Flowers on the Razorwire”, “Live and Loaded in L.A.”, “Live and Loaded in Switzerland” and have been featured both individually and as a band in numerous films, television shows, and music videos.

For more information on Johnny Jetson’s Tattooed Millionaires, and to hear the complete song “Dance to the Sound” off their album “Armed & Hammered” courtesy of Sex Sells Records Hollywood  featured in EP 6 “The Big Squeeze”, click here.

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When you mention the word web series to people and they look at you cross-eyed, you might want to ask them where they have been the last 10+ years (at the very least).

Web series, short form content delivered to the viewer via the web (Party Girl Plus One is one of many examples), has been around since 1996 according to my pal Brett Love’s Webisode Clack: Grape Jam and the LA Webfest. In Brett’s article, he states  “According to a December ‘96 issue of Websight magazine…the article inside is titled “Honey, what’s on the web tonight?” Reading through it, it’s amazing how familiar it all sounds. It’s talking about the merger of the web and television, and what that means for how we will watch things in the future. Really, if you omit a couple of the obviously dated references (IRC!, Real Audio), much of the article is still very relevant today.”

And to take it one step further, the girl featured in the 1996 article is Brittney Powell, starring in Safety Geeks: SVI, a current web series created by another pal of mine Tom Konkle and his partner David Beeler.  Safety Geeks: SVI also received a Visual Effects Nomination at this years Streamy Awards.  Congrats Tom and David!

So web series have been around for almost 15 years and they are only growing by the number.  Where do we go from here?  Word around town is mobile devices.  Short form content delivered to your cell phone.  Well that’s nothing new, we get the news, movies and TV shows on our cell phones already.  I’m talking “Mobi-Sodes”.  Short form episodic shows created specifically for the cell phone with soft cell, uh I mean ‘sell’, product placement embedded in the content tied to your GPS, so advertisers can target your all mighty dollar at any time.

Pretty cool, pretty creepy, pretty 2010.

To check out Brett’s full article on cliqueclack.com, click here.

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Jen opts in for movie night with Richard, an art gallery owner she bummed $4 to cover her exhibit parking.  Turns out that $4 cost her a whole evening and well into the night as Jen realizes Richard is the guy that just wont leave.

Based on the dating diary by Jennifer Dawson. Guest Star Bill Ladd, Director of Photography John Orphan, Edited by Jason Pauley and featuring music by Tattooed Millionaires, Kevin MacLeod, Heartour and Svelt St. & IAMGUS.

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Tamara Tohill, Jennifer Dawson, Michelle Betts

If the guy you thought would pan out through the holidays didn’t make it, you basically don’t have enough time to rebound into a new relationship by Valentine’s Day and no one wants to feel the pressure of a first date on the big VD. But when Jen’s decision to “Strip Club Night It” with a Tamara, Liz and Jessica leads to girls night in, she faces the first-date pressure she was hoping to avoid all Valentine’s Day.

Based on the diary by Jennifer Dawson, Guest Stars Tamara Tohill, Michelle Betts, Bel Baca and Elise Salomon, Director of Photography John Orphan, Edited by Dave Swuz and featuring music by Four Minutes Til Midnight, The Gentle People, Soulatronix and Faifax.

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Michael Charles Vaccaro & Jennifer Dawson

Jen’s ready to give into the possibility of having a boyfriend, until Jerry’s fascination to destination VJJ is a trip she wasn’t prepared for.

Based on the dating diary by Jennifer Dawson. Guest Star Michael Charles Vaccaro, Director of Photography Daniel Doherty, Edited by Dave Swuz, Wardrobe provided by Talina Hermann and featuring music by Bullets for Breakfast, Marquee69 and “THREE”.

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