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Congratulations to Party Girl Plus One for being honored at LAWebFest’s 2011 Web Series Festival with Outstanding Directing in a Comedy Series.

But the BIGGER news of the night was being honored with an Official Selection to the Marseille WebFest 2011 to be held in Marseille, France October 14 – 16, 2011.

The Marseille WebFest is the first of it’s kind in Europe to honor and showcase web series from around the world. The sister web series festival to Michael Ajawke Jr.’s LAWebFest, which was held at the Stage 52 Theater in Los Angeles March 25 – 27, 2011, selected 9 web series to join them in France.

Among them was Party Girl Plus One, which just completed Season One with it’s 11th episode entitled “Booty Calls.”

Stay tuned for more information and the list of winners on this global journey that will wake the world up to Party Girl Plus One and the future of web series.

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Congratulations to Party Girl Plus One for being accepted for the second year in a row into the LAWebFest Web Series Festival 2011.

LAWEBFEST salutes the power of the Internet and the fact that it is the most influential visual medium since the invention of television.

The internet has forever changed the way we live. Programming designed for the Internet is poised to do the same thing.

Even though over 70% of all Americans are online, that doesn’t mean they are all hip to web shows. In fact, studies show that while more people than ever are tuning into “webvision,” most Americans are not. How we get people to realize that they have more options than broadcast tv and cable? By inviting them out for the day or night to a beautiful theater to watch multiple episodes of a web series on the big screen. Most web series creators have never seen their shows up on the big screen.

The result is three days of web series and workshops called the Los Angeles Web Series Festival– a first of it’s kind in LA, the United States and, quite possibly, the world.

“We don’t care if you’re studio-financed, an industry veteran who’s just experimenting, an independent producer, or a Regular Joe or Josephine who doesn’t work or live in Hollywood but made something you’re proud of— we welcome you to submit,” says LAWEBFEST Founder and Executive Director Michael Ajakwe, Jr. A former public relations copywriter and sportswriter.
Ajakwe has spent the last 20 years writing and producing for a myriad of showbiz news and variety shows, sitcoms and dramas like Entertainment Tonight, Talk Soup, Martin, Eve, Sister Sister, The Brothers Garcia, Soul Food, Steve Harvey’s Big Time and currently cabler TV One’s Love That Girl. He’s also a web series creator.

“The web series is the most exciting form of visual entertainment since television. It is truly a people’s medium and some people are making some really cool shows on the web. LAWEBFEST wants to showcase some of these gems and hear from the resourceful people who are making them and starring in them and programming them and trying to successfully adapt them into other mediums like film, tv and theater,” added the published playwright and award-winning filmmaker.

The inaugural 2010 LAWEBFEST drew 2500 web series fans to Stage 52 over three days. Fifty different web series were screened followed by Q & A sessions with each creative team. Special tributes honored TV and film star Robert Townsend’s Diary Of A Single Mom, NBC.com’s CTRL and Sony’s The Bannen Way. Several web series experts, studio and production company executives, independent producers, actors, and SAG and WGA reps participated in workshops and panel discussions. At the end of the fest, awards were bestowed on 28 shows spanning 22 different categories. But Ajakwe maintains LAWEBFEST is not about the awards.

“LAWEBFEST is about celebrating the magic and power of the web series. Most of the people who make web shows have never seen them projected on a big screen or watched them with a large audience,” the NAACP Award-winning playwright, theater producer and Emmy-winning TV producer stressed.

“They’ve never heard feedback from a live audience. A lot of the people who came last year had never even seen a web series. When they left the theater, they began following these shows at home, on their laptops and cell phones,” Ajakwe pointed out.

To submit your series or more information of LAWebFest, click here.  Facebook LAWebFest here!

Good luck to all the submissions!

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EP 11 Date 10 “Booty Calls” from partygirlplusone on Vimeo.

Vince Pavia

Jen (Jen Dawson) turns to her friend Chip (Wiley B. Oscar) to try and make sense about why guys lie, but when a previous one night stand, Vic (Vince Pavia), shows up at the gym, Jen gets carried away into taking their relationship one step further. Literally.

You must be 18 years old to watch.

Based on the diary by Jennifer Dawson
Director of Photography John Orphan
Edited by Jennifer Dawson

Featuring music by Kevin MacLeod, Michael Benz and Ambrose.

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The winners are:

What is the Third Screen Film Festival?

Third Screen Film Festival brings Emerging Filmmakers to Hollywood Gatekeepers.  Now in its fourth year, our venerable online festival brings content creators the opportunity to have their work seen by key Hollywood executives and their peers. The competition invites digital submissions of fifteen minutes or less, and takes place in two semi-final rounds and one final round.  The Semi-final round winners will advance into the Final Round.

There are winners in each of 4 categories this year, as well as an Audience Choice Award.  The categories are Live Action Drama, Live Action Comedy, Animation, and Webisodes.  Films are judged by our panel of Judges and fans using a weighted average that favors the number of votes over the score.

Finalists will be evaluated by our esteemed Judges who will pick a winner in each category, except for the Audience Choice Award that will be chosen by our on-line community.

Our Judges include David Gale (MTV), Navid McIlhargey (New Regency), Paul Alan Smith (ICM), Casey Bloys (HBO),

Jimmy Kimmel

Robert Reisenberg (Full Circle Entertainment), and David Hudson (TNT).

Recent Third Screen winners have gone on to produce films & television series, get paid to produce videos for “Funny or Die”, & “Upright Citizen’s Brigade”, even write for “The Huffington Post”, & The Jimmy Kimmel Show – not to mention securing meetings and development deals with our Third Screen Judges and Community.

For here more information on the Third Screen Film Festival.

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Tommy Taretta

Jen agrees to a set-up with Anthony, a friend of her sister’s in town on business. What she didn’t sign up for was the next 8 hours with “Tony Montana” or the closest thing like him.

Based on the diary by Jennifer Dawson, Guest Star Tommy Taretta, Director of Photography John Orphan, edited by Jason Pauley.

Featuring music by The Maheekats, Kevin MacLeod, Evita Freaks & Ambrose.

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Jen with Evita Freaks

Music is such an organic process. I’ve tried to force music into an episode and it always backfires. Actually anytime I try to force something, it usually kicks me back to where I started. However, I’ve also been as equally lucky with those magical moments when I hear a song and can see a scene play out in slo-motion.

Those are the best moments and that’s a pretty accurate recount of my experience hearing “Cara de Angelito” (click this title  Cara De Angelito to hear the full song) by Evita Freaks when I was selecting music for EP 7 “The World Is Mine” which features a Miami guy and a Tony Montana impression you don’t want to miss.

Searching for music on myspace, I came across this indie alternative rock band. Track by track, I liked what I was hearing and then I heard “Cara de Angelito” which literally stopped me in my slo-mo tracks. Where did this Latin beat and rhythm come from amidst this rock band whose influences are definitely Chet Atkins though Frank Zappa and everything in between.

Evita & Glenn Plumlee as kids

I contacted Evita Freaks right away and discovered this alternative rock band was actually a family affair made up of Oakland natives Evita on lead vocals and her brother Glenn Plumlee on electric and acoustic guitars. Evita and Glenn share their Latin roots now in downtown Hollywood and have been performing together since they were little tykes including over 185 shows in the bands 6 year existence. Completing the band is Jajuba on bass and Steve on drums and percussion. Evita Freaks have also had the pleasure to work with Todd Nichols of “Toad The Wet Sproket” and world class session drummer Walfredo Reyes Jr.

So I went down to Sonny McLeans in Santa Monica to watch to Evita Freaks perform live and meet the brother and sister act whose music I had become a fan.

And boy am I glad I did. I learned how important family and friends are to the ‘Freaks. I also learned “Cara de Angelito,” which means face of an angel in Spanish, is about Evita’s 11 year old son Tito, who has been diagnosed with autism.

“Our music is inspired by Evita’s kids and kids with multi disablities that we come across,” says Glenn Plumlee, Tito’s uncle who is active in Tito’s treatment including music therapy from Holding Hands, Inc. a pediatric diagnosis and therapy group located in Los Angeles. Tito’s condition has improved immensely utilizing music therapy which is on of the most effective ways to help children with autism learn basic living skills including how to communicate. Many of the larger non profit groups like Autism Speaks use Holding Hands information and data in their own studies.

Holding Hands recorded a CD in which Evita and Glenn recorded a song called “Tito I love U”. The sales of this CD will help keep the music therapy program alive for the special needs children of Los Angeles County. You can purchase a CD at www.holdinghandsinc.com or make a donation to help fund this program.

For more information on the charities that Evita Freaks are involved check out www.traponline.com,   www.holdinghandsinc.com and Tito’s school www.juniorblind.org. For more information on the band Evita Freaks and to hear the rest of the tracks off their album “Franklin and Cherokee volume 2”, click here.

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