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Dating. A Diary. A Web Series. Kiss & Tell has Never Been Funnier.

Jen opts in for movie night with Richard, an art gallery owner she bummed $4 to cover her exhibit parking.  Turns out that $4 cost her a whole evening and well into the night as Jen realizes Richard is the guy that just wont leave.

Based on the dating diary by Jennifer Dawson. Guest Star Bill Ladd, Director of Photography John Orphan, Edited by Jason Pauley and featuring music by Tattooed Millionaires, Kevin MacLeod, Heartour and Svelt St. & IAMGUS.

Posted by Party Girl On April - 2 - 2010 Episodes

Tamara Tohill, Jennifer Dawson, Michelle Betts

If the guy you thought would pan out through the holidays didn’t make it, you basically don’t have enough time to rebound into a new relationship by Valentine’s Day and no one wants to feel the pressure of a first date on the big VD. But when Jen’s decision to “Strip Club Night It” with a Tamara, Liz and Jessica leads to girls night in, she faces the first-date pressure she was hoping to avoid all Valentine’s Day.

Based on the diary by Jennifer Dawson, Guest Stars Tamara Tohill, Michelle Betts, Bel Baca and Elise Salomon, Director of Photography John Orphan, Edited by Dave Swuz and featuring music by Four Minutes Til Midnight, The Gentle People, Soulatronix and Faifax.

Posted by Party Girl On April - 1 - 2010 Episodes

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Party Girl Plus One - Jennifer Dawson