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Jake Pavelka

Jen (Jennifer Dawson) parties with some friends at Bar Lubitsch where she meets Bryce Wharton Powell III “Three” (Jake Pavelka). After putting him through his paces, Jen discovers Three has more secrets than she anticipated, starting with a little T.M.I. he knows about her. Written and based on the diary by Jennifer Dawson. PART I

Jen played by Jennifer Dawson
Bryce Wharton Powell III “Three” played by Jake Pavelka
Director of Photography John Orphan
Episode Executive Producer Jennifer Dawson & Lyndon Chubbuck

Featuring music by Justin Willis, Kevin MacLeod & Pictures of Then.

Posted by Party Girl On August - 31 - 2010 Episodes

10 Responses to “EP 8 Date 7 The Talented Mr. Somebody”

  1. Wow! The last thing I need is another distraction whilst juggling too many deadlines. This is so much fun! Jake is perfect. Great casting. (You and I met at Bar Bauchon.)

  2. Jason says:

    Best Episode yet! Really really really liked it.

  3. Party Girl says:

    Hey Ellen! I remember I remember! Glad I am a good distraction.
    Jake is fun to shoot with…got a few more things in store for him…
    xo Jen

  4. Party Girl says:

    hey jason!
    having fun, that’s all i can say.
    hope you are doing good.

  5. Bachfan says:

    It is so evident that Jake is a bad actor. He is a Brad Pitt wannabe. He will keep getting little jobs like guest roles on web series, but he will never make it big. No one likes him.

  6. Bachfan says:

    BTW, you are a great actress. Enjoyed watching you.

  7. robb says:

    realizing that you are not just a comedic acting talent, but also an awesome writer! go PartyGirl!

  8. Party Girl says:

    “Nice job, Jen…everything about this feels stepped-up. I don’t know if you dropped more bucks on this one but it sure looks like it…nice lighting especially. Also i can really feel the psychology of the characters here. Jake really nails the cocky attitude, and the dialogue between you two was spot on. Did you guys improvise? ”

    I love you, dude – you are amazing 🙂
    This is awesome!!!

    “like the new dark edge that you’ve added. the plot thickens… and the sneeze!- perfect. The series is getting richer and richer. it really is awesome. i’m hooked!”

    Hey Jen!
    Great work on Episode 8!! It’s awesome! I had a wonderful time working with you. Thanks so much for involving me! Keep me updated on any future castings for PG+1, would love to work with you again!

    “Yes…I knew you made up nicknames for us…and try to find out our secrets…and that’s sweet too.

    Another great episode! Congrats. I don’t watch The Bachelor…so thanks for introducing me to this handsome stud :))

    Jen..I love your series. Another great episode and a very relevant subject. One, a lot of girls don’t pay attention to.

    “lol. keep the insider info coming ”


    good work , keep it up . All my friends like it 😉

    What camera did you guys use? It looks amazing!

    great episode!!

  9. Clara Efrona says:

    This is a great one! I can’t wait to see the rest of …to be continued!

  10. Michael Crest says:

    Great humor and drama

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