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Tommy Taretta

Jen agrees to a set-up with Anthony, a friend of her sister’s in town on business. What she didn’t sign up for was the next 8 hours with “Tony Montana” or the closest thing like him.

Based on the diary by Jennifer Dawson, Guest Star Tommy Taretta, Director of Photography John Orphan, edited by Jason Pauley.

Featuring music by The Maheekats, Kevin MacLeod, Evita Freaks & Ambrose.

Posted by Party Girl On June - 16 - 2010 Episodes

7 Responses to “EP 7 Date 6 The World Is Mine”

  1. That guy was super weird, but seemed somewhat normal near the end. Jen will find that plus one guy yet, just keep watching… it will happen!

  2. Hill Johnson says:

    OMG! just stumbled on this. hilarious vid of tony montana!

  3. Party Girl says:

    Thanks! This guy was unbelievable…he’s got more impressions too, I had to stop him while he was ahead!

  4. Dyeve says:

    The guy is nice..k. I accept a little.. but never more than you. Be sure about that, becouse you’re The Best and Party Girl rulzzzz… <3<3<3

  5. Party Girl says:

    That’s right! We do rule, don’t we! xox

  6. Jem G. says:

    What is the “… world I worked so hard to create,” referencing?

    It’s a nice line but seems completely out of context with the entire series that has been presented thus far. The majority of the pilot was shots of gratuitous sex, yet here we have a speech consisting of her desires for a family and babies. The lifestyle she continues to live reflects no desire for change, though there seemed to be allusions towards adjustment, i.e. the pilot ‘I want that … to grow old with someone,’ which is promptly followed with, “wanna f***, Party Girl?”

    Would she ever want her children that she talks about to ever watch her pilot episode?

    I enjoy this new movement of Webisodes and I would love to support it – I even tried to do so with this show, but I must say that it has been difficult. This episode was the first that I watched that I didn’t feel completely uncomfortable.

    No insult intended, but just concluding my thoughts: it seems the contents intention is shock as opposed to story. I just hope someone really stops to think about what is being promoted by this show.

    I hope this isn’t received in any negative way but only as a form of encouragement and thought.

    Thanks and sorry for the essay!



  7. Jem G. says:

    oops on the last comment,
    sorry, thought it wasn’t there.

    super worried there for a sec.

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